Tuesday, July 30, 2013


YAY. guess what... well i guess the title says it all, I get to chew soon! but ill backtrack to this morning with my appt with my surgeon. After waiting for quite a while... we got in to see him. My surgeon said that i looked great, and said that starting monday (8 weeks post-op) i can officially begin to chew!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. if you can't tell, i am overly excited. i mean.. i realize that ill have to go slowly and reteach myself how to chew... but im so pumped regardless. my surgeon said the goal is to slowly work my way up with the hardness of food. and hopefully by 12 weeks.. i will be able to have steak. so yeah! i decided that on monday, i want arby's curly fries. those sound wonderful. but this week will consist of me making a list of all the food i have been craving the last 7 weeks! then my surgeon said he will see me back in 3 weeks. school starts 2 weeks from today..... so in 2 weeks ill get insanely busy and it may seem like i slipped off the face of the planet. but ill be here!

but anyway, after the appt with my surgeon, we had lunch in the hospital cafeteria before our hour drive home (the cafeteria almost always has mushy food!) and i found lasagna that i could mash up, and THEN i ran into one of my favorite nurses from when i was in the hospital. she was the one that was assigned to me the day i had to be readmitted to the hospital for nausea and pain that we couldnt get under control at home.. and she was amazing and so nice. and yeah. so i gave her a big hug and said thanks for everything and she said i looked so great now and asked how i was etc. the nurses in my surgeons office kept saying how the swelling looked great and that i looked great, and it just made me feel happy. so yay for looking somewhat normal!

my surgeon and orthodontist finally are trying to get my surgical hooks back on in the front so i can have a band in the front to help guide my jaw still. gosh.... that was so irritating that they couldn't get this figured out. i already ranted about me never getting an appt with my ortho because he claimed i didn't need the band up front.. but then my surgeon said otherwise, and yeah. so i should get an ortho appt either tomorrow or the next day. but we will see, im fine with wearing rubber bands if it means my braces come off sooner! (and my bite gets better).

now please excuse me while i constantly wish for it to be monday already... haha. but seriously...
take care everyone!

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