Saturday, November 3, 2012

Waiting Game

Hello!! I have realized one thing recently.
Life is crazy busy... but sometimes being busy is what makes it worthwhile :)

Sorry i haven't posted or kept this updated!! school and golf and show choir and robotics has gotten the best of me! I think i have overbooked myself just a bit ;)

So hmm update! i got my surgery moved back until next june, which a huge (huge!) relief. Now i can just focus on everything else and not worry about my surgery until school is out (summer). So, everything is slowing down. I have been officially cleared for my double jaw surgery by my doctors so now it is just a waiting game until june! I honestly wish i could have my surgery a week from today to get it over with... but i guess you can't pick and choose everything.

I also just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to everyone else out there that has made a blog or anything to share their experience because it truly has been saving me. For every bad thought of mine, there is a successful journey of someone to find. I want you all to know that anyone going through surgery and recovery right now is in my thoughts and prayers.

Sooo hmm! oh soon ill put some profile and just other random pictures up and do that whole sort of post type thingy! im a bit too lazy to do that now... haha.

love to all, katie:)