Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 20 - Minor Changes and My Mirror

Sooo, not much changed today! i think i can finally say the my life is somewhat normal! yay! I went to buy some much needed clothes today (in public!). and also went and saw Monsters University with my family (such a cute movie!). So hmm, the pain is manageable with tylenol and motrin and I'm FINALLY used to my bands *happy dance*.

seeing as nothing is really different today... i wanted to just explain how much i have loved my mini mirror for helping me to eat without completely spilling food down my face. I brought a mirror to the hospital and i still use it to eat even now. because i look pathetic eating with my numb face. like an infant eating. so thank you mirror for helping me be less frustrated with eating!

how wide i can open my mouth!

i feel like this angle shows more of the swelling that is still in my cheeks.
ill write more tomorrow for my big 3 weeks. yay! thanks for anyone who keeps reading :p


  1. The mirror is a lifesaver, isn't it! I'm glad you're doing so well! You're looking good :)

    1. yes!! definitely has made eating better. and aw thank you so much :) things are doing so much better!