Monday, July 15, 2013


Guys...!!! it is midnight, and i havent had any pain medicine since this morning. and for once, i don't think i will need any to help me fall asleep tonight!! You have no clue how thrilled i am :) i mean, the pain wasn't at "0" the entire day, but hey, it is just a soft ache mixed with discomfort. and i can deal with that.... so i am just hoping i can continue taking only a tiny bit of tylenol and motrin now :)

today, my sister told me that she thought my swelling had gone down a lot from yesterday to today! as she hasnt commented on my swelling improving in over a week, i took this as excellent. the rest of my family agreed with her. i think my swelling is pretty much gone as of today:) just a couple small areas... i have spent the last few days with extended family, and they are so happy with how far i have come. and so am i! to think of how miserable i was in the hospital and just overall the first 2-3 weeks. just yay :)

as far as numbness goes it has improved A LOT in the last couple days!! yay. the main place that i have noticed this, is under my eyes. it no longer feels super bruised, but i think i can feel it like 80%! wow. the upper half of my nose feels bruised. and the lower half feels tingly. better than completely numb? probably. the little areas on either side of my nose are tingly too. is all this tingling annoying?? YES. completely. anytime anything touches my face... i just get a weird range of feelings... haha. but i am more hopeful about my numbness going away as of today. so fingers crossed! my top lip still wins the award for most tingles possible.

So, the next few days i will be at an engineering camp (yes, i am a complete nerd. haha). so i am not sure how much i will get around to posting! but ill be sure to update if something major happens. take care all!



  1. I think your family are right, your swelling does look a lot less! that was quick! Good to see you are recovering well :)

    1. aw thank you so much!! :) took a while. but things are so much better. yay.