Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 43 - the post that kinda replaces the "6 weeks" post

i made it back from my choir camp!! i missed my 6 week post though... or at least a long one with relevant information. SO.. since i am home now, you get to hear all about everything.

HAPPY SIX WEEKS. wow. i am literally so happy i made it to this point! yay! i walked upstairs from camp today and the first thing my sister said to me was, "hey! you actually look normal." way to be nice about it... but i guess that is still a positive thing! i have pictures from the last few days

the aftermath of singing 12 hours in one day...

MY NUMBNESS IS GOING AWAY. if you can't tell... i am really extremely happy. i can feel part of my upper lip now and roof of my mouth and nose. the area between my upper lip and nose is still tingly/stiff/numb, but improving every day! i now have hope that i will regain most of my feeling :)

all in all. i feel pretty normal :)

now that my pain is pretty much gone... I really want to chew. and so it is really hard to rationalize the whole "no chew" diet when i don't have pain. but hey, hopefully ill get to do that soon!

so i was brushing my teeth tonight and 1 (out of 2) of the stitches left under my upper lip fell out! very painless luckily... although this is the same one i accidentally snagged on my toothbrush from last week. but hey, not complaining

i am still glad that i did the surgery.. although i feel kinda weird with my face... this may be partially due to the stiffness, but also, i can tell the slightest difference to my face that most people would probably ever notice..

i can't believe it has been 6 weeks though... incredibly blessed to have had my family and close friends that put up with me during recovery. 

life. is. good.



  1. Hello Katie !

    I'm a french girl who underwent double jaw surgery 6 days ago and your blog is so helpful ! The last 6 days haven't been easy and even if I keep telling myself that everything will be okay one day, sometimes it's hard to believe it.
    But your blog is so encouraging, keep posting :)


    1. aw thank you so much alexia!! yeah it took me 2 weeks to convince myself that everything would go back to normal eventually. it is a hard surgery :( but at some point everything turns around, so yay for that :) hope the rest of your recovery goes as smoothly as possible! -katie