Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 32

So, I saw Despicable Me 2 several days ago. Let me just say it is such a cute movie. definitely both adorable and still super funny! But the main reason that i just had to bring this movie up kinda does relate to my recovery! welll.... loosely.. but still. so at one point in the movie, all of a sudden. a chip and guar hat is show to us. like a hat made out of one huge chip with guacamole in it. I WANT ONE. i moved my top craving (that was hamburger and fries) to chips and salsa. oh what i would do to eat chips again.

see!! that hat has guacamole inside the brim. and you just break off part of the hat to eat. HOW COOL IS THAT??!?! I mean... i guess eventually you either spill salsa or guacamole on yourself. but this is a happy moment. who cares that it may be impractical!

On the plus side.... i made it through yet another day of no chewing. BUT guess what.... tonight for dinner was steak and potatoes. so i decided i was going to choke down steak if it was the last thing i did. So i made my mashed potatoes with extra butter and cut up the steak as tiny as i possibly could, mixed it with the mashed potatoes, and woo! guess who managed to swallow it :) yay.

So... while yesterday i did get the clear to blow my nose... i realized that THIS DOES NOT HELP. my nose still is just constantly runny all day... whoopee..

All of a sudden today, I am pretty sure i can feel a lot more of my face.... woo. I don't know why i all of a sudden discovered it today, since i have been keeping close tabs on my numbness... but hey. not complaining.  i can now feel the top half of my nose, and the bottom half is tingly. i can feel a little more underneath my eyes, they mostly just feel bruised.. and the areas on either side of my nose started to tingle finally!!! i mean is the tingling annoying? yes.... but that means hopefully ill be able to feel them eventually. so fingers crossed.

sorry for the laziness. let me know if i need to write more about something in specifics!

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