Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 26

Hellooo :)

Today was an absolute blast. I went with my friends to a concert here! So, right now I am the most exhausted i have been in a long time. I don't recommend yelling and singing and shouting at a concert 3 weeks after surgery... but it was so worth it :) even though i came home in the worst pain i have had in weeks. but i just took extra hydrocodone.. and hopefully everything goes back to normal in the morning.

so this evening, i had dinner at a restaurant before the concert with my friends, i ordered buttered noodles with a side of mashed potatoes. i didn't see the buttered noodles on the menu, but i figured they could easily make that since macaroni and cheese was an option! so my food came and it was delicious, even if it takes me forever to cut up the noodles and such. but i managed to look somewhat normal when i was eating, and didn't even spill! haha. then when i got the check, i was surprised to find that while everyone else was paying for a $20 meal... mine was considered a "kids noodle" and was charged $5. we all had a good laugh about that! i felt bad. i didnt mean to order a kids meal.. but oh well. #jawsurgeryprobs haha.....

i feel like my swelling is doing much better overall. i feel somewhat normal in public even! when i look in the mirror, all i see is "puff" but hey, eventually ill get used to my face.

nothing else new really to update... take care all.


  1. You look really good for 3 weeks! After my op i'm going to a 3 day camping music festival 3 weeks afterwards so its interesting to see you went to a concert after 3 weeks, i will have to remember to bring extra pain killers!

    1. aw thank you so much :) and yes, i think it was just exhausting moving my mouth so much when i was used to talking minimally. thank goodness for medicine!