Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 11 - Part 2 (attempted positivity!) (and before/after pics)

so i feel like in the last couple hours everything has just drastically changed for the better! and i just had to update on here of course to redeem myself for the slightly depressing posts. i finally have resolved most of my stomach issues. (not being able to have a bowel movement for 12 days is AWFUL, but not talking about that anymore. ew.) im just so happy my stomach pain has lessened! and i started taking less pain medication today and i even felt okay. so there is hope. also, the country club in my neighborhood had their firework show tonight, and i even felt well enough to walk down to the end of our street and sit and watch. improvements! the fireworks were completely beautiful too. who doesn't love them?! so i decided that it was time to compare some before and after pictures. not from the front, since i still look like a marshmallow!

it is so cool to see how my profile changed. i know these angles arent exactly the same, but it shows the change well enough! i am so pleased that my lower jaw no longer has to slide forward just to fit into my bite and upper jaw. and i guess my nose is a bit perkier too! haha, which im all good with. obviously you can still see my puffiness. but it is weird/cool to see how they actually did move my jaw. hopefully it takes care of all my jaw pain:) thatll make this all worth it. im just trying to keep in mind that this whole ordeal should be worth the removal of my jaw pain and headaches etc...

i also found some pictures of my bite/teeth and just had to put them together. it is actually super cool how my teeth actually sorta fit together now! my open bite is gone. woo! even if i still have some tweaking with bands to do.

i finally see how this can be worth it. i can make it through. woo. this pep talk may actually be working...

i do have to complain quickly about the itches i get from my annoying nerves! and when i itch my face i can't feel it! since im still numb. it may be the weirdest thing ever.... haha. i would LOVE to be able to feel my top lip. please wake up nerves!

take care all. thanks for all the support and to anyone reading this. sending warm thoughts to those going through this as well.

now to try to sleep a ton!!



  1. Wow I'm really glad you're feeling better overall, reducing the amount of opiods, and stomach is feeling better. Thanks for posting the pictures as well. What a change! BTW opiod painkillers have made me feel glum in the past - had to take them for wisdom-tooth removal - and I'm really glad your pain level is going down so you don't have to take as many!

    1. i am so glad i am able to reduce my painkillers too. hopefully it is the first step in returning to normalcy. but thank you so much:)

  2. Wow! I just discovered your blog and our before profiles are so similar! I'm scheduled for upper jaw surgery and a genioplasty at the end of this month. Planning on reading through all of your entries. Your before and after is incredible :)

    1. Aww well thank you so much :) I hope your surgery goes well! if you need anything, just ask :)