Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 38 - Before/After Profile

Soo... this profile comparison may or may not show much of anything, but I needed something to do to waste time tonight. Made it back from camp! so yay for sleeping in my own bed tonight :)

so at my camp, i randomly found out that another girl there had this surgery last year! and we even have the same surgeon... kinda weird and random to meet someone else that has gone through this! She was surprised that i was able to eat all that i was eating without chewing. she mentioned that she just used a blender for the 8 weeks of no chewing. but i just couldnt handle that texture any longer... so i decided that it was worth it to kill my throat with bigger pieces of food. but it is definitely worth it. haha.

hmm... so i kinda was just messing with pictures tonight, and i realized that i have a LOT from my recovery... i guess taking about 5 pictures every day really adds up... it is cool to see the progression of my swelling, since it shows it really going down :) yay for proof!

take care everyone

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