Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 44 - Sensitivity

Hello to anyone still reading my thoughts :)

Today i was thinking about how my teeth are very sensitive now. I don't normally notice it since i'm NOT allowed to chew yet... but 2 weeks ago my surgeon gave me the "ok" to use my sonicare toothbrush again which i was super happy about.. but then i actually tried it and that was not a fun experience. my teeth just feel really really sensitive. the vibrating of that toothbrush was just way too much. so i just went back to using my baby toothbrush..! haha... I'm working my way back up to using my normal one though. that day will come eventually. also, if i run my tongue along the edges of the roof of my mouth (the areas near my molars) sometimes i get this really weird sensation and it just makes my teeth feel sensitive and yeah.

In regards to my progress with opening my mouth wider... i am now at 25 mm! i need to get to 35 mm.... but i have improved about 5 mm since i started the "exercises" with my stacked tongue depressors. hopefully i can continue to to improve it!

- Katie:)

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