Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 47 - Thank You Hair

I just wanted to say that i am grateful that my hair is long enough to cover the sides of my face and hide the swelling. literally throughout recovery i got pretty good at hiding the sides of my cheeks with my hair. it just makes things easier. haha. the day i am brave enough to leave the house with my hair in a ponytail will be big. well besides when im golfing... i probably look very puffy when i have my hair up for that. but besides the point! yesterday when i was looking at all my photos.. i discovered one that deserves its own post.

behold. the braid that hides swelling. too bad it isn't suitable to wear out in public :P although i considered it.

this is from day 12. i believe i went to the grocery store that day
and really wanted it to be socially acceptable to wear my hair like this...
so this made for a good laugh when i found the picture again! luckily i am past that point :)

so hmm, my last set of stitches under my top lip fell out tonight! yay, so now when i smile you can't see random white strings hanging down.. haha

lately i have felt some sort of stinging either on my cheeks way back in my mouth, or the incisions back there... i don't know if they are rubbing against the braces.. or what is making it feel so uncomfortable :( also, my teeth have started to ache, as if i just got my braces on. no clue if they have always felt like this and my numbness going away is just making it more prevalent? or just if they are moving for some weird reason... no clue! but hey, this pain is better than the pain i had a month ago.

writing all of these posts has been the best thing ever during recovery.... i am allowed to complain as much as i want to without people getting too annoyed (hopefully). so thank you :) take care all.


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