Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 21 - Three Weeks!!!!!

happy 3 weeks!!!! guys i made it :) kinda a big milestone! at this point i feel pretty darn good overall. I went to a movie with my friends tonight and played golf this afternoon. yay for normal things :) i wish i could be working out again... but... i don't think that'll happen for a while..

At this point, I am taking tylenol and motrin during the day, and then a little bit of my hydrocodone type medicine to help me sleep at night. The pain is slowly lessening day by day. I feel like a have a constant headache, but I can deal with that. Sometimes my jaw joint hurts from trying to stretch it out with the popsicle sticks, but not always! I am so thrilled that the pain is going away, yay :)

So, I feel like my energy is pretty much normal! Like hmm... if I had to go back to school I could. I don't really feel weak, but I do kinda feel tired due to my lack of sleeping. I kinda sorta sleep on my side now... it makes my face hurt more, but sleeping on my back is not my favorite. So basically i fall asleep propped up on my back, and I wake up sleeping sideways on my face which then hurts. woo. but oh well, it'll get better!

Well, I don't really think much is changing! sadly... on the plus side, I can still feel my lower lip and chin. My nose and upper lip and area around my nose is still numb though. maybe in a couple days ill show you guys on a picture if im not too lazy!

I guess the pictures show it all, but I still feel puffy. I think the numbness makes me feel more swollen! But hmm... hopefully it continues to go down. Maybe I'll put together my progress so far in another post to make me feel better!

As of now, I have decided that i am pretty decent at swallowing foods without chewing them. My fork mashing skills are pretty darn great (even though i may have snapped several plastic forks) :P Spaghetti is delicious, as well as enchiladas (mashed with a fork), and cake.

these are my favorite!! and i can open my mouth just barely wide enough to eat them. (even though i can't eat the middle...... but still!) candy is like my favorite thing ever.. so the day i found out i could eat these, i was over the moon.

soon i will also do some before/after pictures, because my swelling doesnt look too bad in pictures! thoughts going out to you guys in recovery as well. thanks for going through this with me.


  1. You are looking awesome Katie! So glad you are feeling better, and able to get out and do things! : ) I hope by week 3 I can say the same.

    1. aw thank you so much!! It has taken such a long time to get here, but im sure happy i made it through the worst. I know your surgery is coming up soon, so I hope it goes smoothly :) keep me updated!

    2. I bet you are! Are you able to eat soft foods yet? Or mostly liquids? Yes, two weeks from today I wil be checking into Kaiser! Eek!

    3. well, my surgeon said that i'm not allowed to chew until 8 weeks post-op. so, I can eat anything as long as i dont chew it. i just mash soft foods with my fork and kinda just use my tongue to choke it down. i know some people get the "ok" to chew much earlier!! (they are very lucky). but i am able to eat things like scrambled eggs and cake so long as i mash them with a fork first. and that is crazy. eats a lot of "hard" food until then!! i was so anxious the 2 weeks before surgery... it was the best feeling to get it over with :)