Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 24 - Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July to anyone and everyone! (I really don't like this holiday very much... but hey, gotta mention it). After planning to sit in my room alone and read all night.. my friend and I realized that we should just be alone together. So I ended up having a pretty great night! so great, that i didn't even remember to take motrin or tylenol even when they were out of my system. yay for my pain starting to go WAY down!! My friend also hadnt seen me for a week maybe? and she said my swelling had gone down a lot! so that made me happy, because i can't really notice a change.. so yay.

My upper lip is tingly! maybe the whole numbness situation will change soon.... :) oh! today i also went with my family to the pool. since it was crowded, there is no way i was going to get in the pool! getting kicked in the face wouldn't be my idea of fun....... :( but it was all good! i sat and read, which is my favorite thing to do. one of our family friends even said that i didn't even look like i had surgery (saying that most people wouldn't notice my swelling) which isn't true! but still nice of her to say :) 

so seeing as most people were grilling out today.. it made me want a hamburger even more! i figured out tonight that if i take a hamburger and cut it up until it resembles ground beef and mix it with ketchup, i can choke it down. but it isn't the same :( still somewhat yummy though!

Sorry, maybe i'll find more to talk about in my next post.. until then, take care everyone!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the Fourth! It's great that your pain is down so much.

    1. aw thank you! still isn't completely gone, but it is SO much better.