Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 48 - Frustrated

Hello to anyone and everyone :)

So today has just been a day of ups and downs. and i don't even think anything is really even that significant... but it just feels like everything is such a big deal :(

On the positive side, i feel like my swelling went down a tiny bit today... it may go back up again tomorrow, as that is what normally happens.. but i guess as long as it goes away eventually ill be okay.

But.. i do want to just rant for a brief moment about how i have been thoroughly annoyed with my puffy face throughout recovery.. i mean, i never really minded people seeing me, but the part that is kinda annoying is that i have pictures of me taken with other people where my face is blatantly puffy. like, my cousins were in town a couple weeks ago, and there are lots of pictures with me and all them and other family, and now just in my mind all i see in those photos is "katie's puffy face". same with pictures i have with my friends. it could be worse.. but im just annoyed. okay. end rant.

but the swelling appears to be nearly gone today, so ill be done complaining about that!

While I'm ranting about things that bother me... might as well add my nose to the list, and by nose, i mean how the middle part is pushed to one side now (i believe this is a deviated septum)... i can never ever breathe out of the left side of my nose now :( i mean sometimes.... but if i am the tiniest bit stuff due to allergies.. then that side of my nose is screwed. makes being outside and golfing really fun... plus it just itches uncontrollably. why? i don't know. besides allergies. but idk... also, i have pain on the inside of my nose sometimes, and i don't know why, and i don't know how to stop it. plus... i can't stop sneezing. i feel like i sneeze every 15 minutes. and it kinda hurts both my jaw and nose when that happens.. yay....

goodluck to all of you guys in recovery :)



  1. I think you look amazing as is! You might feel puffy, but you look great (even the nose)! Seriously! I hope you can get your allergies under control. That sounds horrible! I sneezed for the first time Sat, and thought for sure they were not going to unwire my jaw, because it felt like my whole face moved. Sneezing every 15 minutes sounds truly terrifying.

    1. ahhhh, i can't imagine sneezing while wired shut..... go you for surviving that! :P i luckily sneezed for the first time once i was unwired. still wasn't fun! but at least i could open my mouth. my surgeon told me to try to make my sneeze go through my mouth instead of my nose, which made it less scary. but aw thank you so much :) :) you look completely gorgeous:) even only being a couple weeks out. i think once i feel less numb, ill feel less puffy. but hey, CONGRATS on getting unwired!!! that was the happiest day ever for me. i ate mashed potatoes for every meal for days. and being able to talk is a complete plus too :) hope things continue to get easier!

    2. It was a surprise sneeze I had felt the urge to sneeze several times and kept trying to make them go away. That one came and went so fast. I didn't even have time to remind myself "out of the mouth". lol Aw, thank you! I feel puffy, but I know thats a long process. Did you wake up more puffy, and notice the swelling goes down a little throughout the day? I feel like that has happened the last few days. YES! I ate only mashed potatoes yesterday! Luckily I love many soft foods. I hope you get the okay to start chewing next week!! So glad things are returning to normal for you!

    3. thank you!! i just got home from my appointment, and am allowed to chew on monday!! YAY. happiest person ever right now :). i love soft foods too, so it turned out to be not the worst thing in the world. i definitely stopped losing weight after i realized that i could eat mashed up cake! and about the puffiness, absolutely! right around lunch time i have been the least swollen, but morning and nights are worse. at least that is what it feels like. but your swelling looks so great in the pictures, im sure it feels a lot worse in real life, at least that's how it is for me, but yay :)