Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 40 - Cookie Incident

Soo.... today I was volunteering at the library as I do most weeks (we all know im a nerd) and one of the ladies that works there brought in cookies (i believe it was somebody's last day there, but not sure) and towards the end of my volunteering, I was asked if I would like a cookie. They were homemade and so i felt so bad turning it away! but seeing as i didnt have a plate, fork, and knife to make the cookie "eatable" by my standards I had to say no. But i felt rude, so then i quickly added on "because i had jaw surgery and can't chew otherwise i would!.." definitely got the sympathy looks, but since i had to get back to reshelving the books i didn't really elaborate on the surgery etc. i find these situations incredibly awkward because i can never decide if i tell people about my surgery or just let it go...

tomorrow i leave for a choir camp, i guess it'll be my first big test to see if i can sing somewhat normally still! *fingers crossed* granted, i can't open my mouth super wide, but it'll just have to do as is. I'll let you know how it goes... if anything, singing will help with me trying to get my mouth to open wider!

At this point, I am completely off any medicine for pain or discomfort in my jaw, just the occasional tylenol or motrin. yay! I am realizing that my numbness is going away too. i can feel part of the roof of my mouth, part of my nose, under my eyes, and a small part of my upper lip now (in addition to my outer cheeks and chin and lower lip) the most numb part is still the areas directly left and right of my nose, but.. everything is SUPER tingly and feels like it is constantly vibrating or something. so annoying. it bothers me a ton lately... I am also bother by the fact that even though the pain has gone away (mostly) i still can't chew!! like... it has been ages.... why can't i chew yet? :( so for you guys out there that are able to chew. please just love chewing as much as you possibly can.

i have been craving wheat thins, carrots, chips, and cucumbers this last week. mostly carrots though. but i doubt ill be able to eat those for a long, long time.

I feel like my swelling goes up or down depending on the day at this point...... I know that it is at it's worst when i wake up in the morning, partially because i sleep on my side. but idk... this just bothers me so much.. because i feel so puffy still looking in the mirror. i know it doesnt look bad in most of the pictures i take, so i guess that is good... but seriously.... i know i look swollen in real life still. my family notices it too. but i just want it all to GO AWAY. nobody likes you swelling. fingers crossed that in the next 2 weeks it goes away.

another thing that bothers me immensely is my stitches! with regaining some feeling... i am now very aware of where they all are. and i despise them.

but until later,

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