Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 31 - Surgeon Appt!

So today I had my next appt with my surgeon. I had to make the one hour trip yet again... i guess it could be worse. so just ignore my small complaints. After updating the nurse on how i was feeling etc. My surgeon came in. He said my stitches/incision sites look great and said that my bite still looks great too! he said i should be extremely happy with the results of my bite and jaw when everything is said and done :) Today he also gave me the "ok" to use a straw, blow my nose lightly, and swim in a pool! of course after i heard this the first thing i did was buy a smoothie and enjoyed it with a straw instead of spooning it out little by little. at first it was kinda hard to fit my lips around the straw and figure out how to suck in. but eventually i got it! kinda pathetic. but hey, ill just keep focusing on the baby steps.

In regards to my swelling, the nurse worded it really well. she said "by 6 weeks most people won't notice the swelling but you probably will, by 8 weeks you probably won't notice it either". hopefully this is somewhat accurate for me :) when my surgeon came in, he said my swelling will be way down  by the 2-3 month point. he said i will look different then. so it was reassuring to know that i am still swollen and not stuck with slightly puffy cheeks etc!

I was told that my numbness should continue to keep coming back slowly. and then was again warned that after a year, i am pretty much stuff with whatever i can feel at that point. i am just hoping so much that most of my nerves regenerate. so fingers crossed that things start tingling in the next couple weeks! i would be kinda upset if parts of my face ended up numb forever. but i guess i will deal with that when the time comes.

i still love my new profile. a lot.
so in an upcoming post ill definitely do some before/after pictures since my swelling looks pretty good in pictures. i am still convinced that it looks way worse in real life.. but you never know i suppose. im also just kinda too lazy to find some good pictures to put together...!

so hmm, i showed my surgeon the bands that my orthodontist told me to wear 2 days ago, and he said he was going to call my ortho and they may change my bands around yet again.. so i guess we will just have to see! my surgeon then said i don't have to be back to see him for 3 weeks just in time for my to maybe chew again AHHHHHHH. 3 weeks before i may be able to chew?? that would be amazing. so, we scheduled my appt for the tuesday july 30. until then... i will keep my fingers crossed that i will be able to chew before august. that would be amazing. can you tell i want to chew? haha....

anyway, until i have more to say

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