Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 440 - Changes

So, I realized I needed to post before things got super busy. I am officially moved into college and am loving it here. Classes start Monday so I'm about to be very busy!

I ended up getting my MRI and CT scan done. They showed arthritic changes in the joints and that both of my discs in the joint are likely out of place and enlarged from the stress etc. I saw a more specialized joint doctor. He suggested me as a possible candidate for a joint surgery to put my discs back in place. I don't want any surgery at this moment, so I decided not to have it now. But the surgeon was very helpful in explaining more about my jaw to us which was great. He suggested me to apply heat to my jaw joints and slowly open and close my jaw as well as to continue eating soft foods.

The pain has been more manageable in the last few weeks though which is great. I will just hope that the stress of being at a university doesn't make things worse. I'm trying for positive thoughts though! 

Take care all!

- Katie :)


  1. Hi Katie--

    I had a surgery very similar to yours last August but I'm older than you are! I had an open, over, crossbite. I have been having similar issues with pain, headaches, tmj symptoms, especially since my braces were removed in April. I began having tmj issues at age 12. I've seen my surgeon and he basically said my joints got so used to being in the wrong position with my misaligned jaw that they don't like the new correct way my jaw is now. In late June, I had a minor tmj surgery (arthrocentesis) where they insert needles into the joints, pull fluid out, push fluid through and manipulate your jaw to break up scar tissue. I've been stuck at about 2 fingers since last October. The most recent surgery improved my side-to-side movement but I am still having constant pain. He is recommending I have it a second time. The recovery for this was fairly quick...some bruising, modified diet for a few weeks, less energy for a week or two.

    Anyway, long story...we went through all of this and I know how tough and frustrating it is to feel this way. I hope you do not have to have additional surgery. Please know that someone else out there is in the same position! Stay positive...I am trying to do the same! I remember reading that you sing! Great! I am an elementary music teacher and love it! Good luck in college!

    1. I just saw your reply. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts! I hope everything goes well for you with everything:) I am trying to avoid another surgery at all costs. Things have been better in the last few weeks. So hopefully I can just minimize pain as much as possible for the time being. College is going well so far, thanks! I really appreciate your comment knowing someone else out there is in a similar situation.
      Best Wishes,

  2. That's the spirit! While surgery can't be done now, have you decided if you'll eventually have one, or are you exploring other options? This jaw joints heating can only work so well as to relieve you of your pain temporarily. Whatever your eventual decision may be, let's hope it's the right one. Good luck!

    Wallace Tucker @ Robert Kelleher, DDS

  3. Aw, Katie I have been MIA from blogging, like you said we get soooo busy! You look beautiful as always, but I am so bummed to hear that about your joints! You poor thing. I hope that the heating is helping to relieve your pain so you can enjoy college and focus on life and not your jaw! Hope you are enjoying college, and hope your jaw pain subsides so you can get through this phase of your life : ) Wishing you all the best!

    1. Aw Heather!! This made my day, I haven't been blogging much either. Things are going super well in college! I love it. Luckily I am staying busy enough to not have much time to think about my jaw, but thank you so much for your kind words :) I hope all is going well with you!
      Best Wishes, Katie:)

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