Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 22

Hello anyone and everyone! Nothing new to report today... i'd say my biggest complaint is still my difficulties sleeping. my nose has been super stuffy the last couple days which makes sleeping not so fun. Starting tomorrow I am going to start waking up earlier in hope of my schedule going back to normal! maybe if i am tired enough, i won't fall asleep at 3am anymore... oops. 

In honor of being 22 days post-op, I have had taylor swift's song, 22, stuck in my head allll day. even if it is getting kinda irritating and it doesn't exactly apply too well, hey, gotta celebrate the days going by somehow! :P

in other (more relevant) news, my top lip is now being REALLY annoying and is tingling like crazy and im having shoots of pain through it... maybe this just means ill get to feel it soon? hopefully? 

I think my swelling is refusing to change at all at this point. I guess I am a little happy that it is fairly symmetrical. I mean my face isnt a huge balloon on one side, and is normal on the other. so nothing drastic must be good. I just want my swelling to completely disappear!!!


anyone can always email me at, otherwise to all of you with surgeries soon, best of luck, you guys are all in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. Wow it's awesome that you went golfing :-). Glad your recovery is going well! Keep up the good work and your exercises. Your swelling seems to have come down a LOT.

    1. aw well thank you! I feel like my swelling just has stopped going down... but maybe I just don't notice it since i see my face all the time. haha. but yes, golfing has made me feel much more normal! yay.