Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 35 - Five Weeks!!

Wow. Five weeks. Yay!

At this point, things are pretty darn great :) and this is the first time i can actually say that. All i want to say, is even though the first 3 weeks i thought things would never get better..... they do!! things do get better. i promise! even if i never believed id feel this great at 5 weeks out... yes it took forever.. but i made it. i may even get to chew at 7 weeks out instead of 8!! so we will all just keep our fingers crossed.

i am still working on opening my mouth wider. i have only been able to improve by 2-3 mm in the last couple weeks. but hey, progress is still progress, no matter how small!

Soo... with this engineering camp that i am going to, we get to eat in the dorm cafeteria, and i went to a similar camp last year, and i am worried about the food that i will be able to eat. i think breakfast i will be fine! between eggs, yogurt, and mushy pancakes, i will find something. then as long as they have noodles, potatoes, rice, or baked goods for the other meals i should be fine too! but... just in case.. i am bringing my applesauce packets and some microwavable soups and pastas just in case.

Goodluck to you guys with upcoming surgeries or that are still in early recovery. I will post in a few days when i am back from my engineering camp :p take care to all


  1. That is awesome Katie. Have fun at engineering camp and keep doing your exercises!

    1. thank you!! the exercises definitely make
      my jaw ache sometimes... but it should get better i hope...