Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 49 - SEVEN WEEKS. :) :)

GUESS WHAT. 7 weeks today since surgery!!! woooooooooo. today has been the best day since surgery i think. by far. i just magically feel pretty darn good :)

at 8 weeks ill do a huge long update about every single little issue, but tonight im just choosing to ramble on about nonsense, so i apologize.

let's see, i had a milkshake tonight.. and figured i could try to use a straw since i was cleared to use those, but NO. just no. huge headache. don't try it... takes a lot of effort with something that thick... ouch!

today was a momentous day, for part of the day i forgot that i had jaw surgery. WOW. I didn't think that would ever happen... as either the pain or numbness has been a constant reminder of this whole ordeal. but i hope i have more parts of the day where i forget :) i was reminded again once i realized that i couldn't chew anything... oops...

BUT, originally my surgeon said i could chew at 8 weeks post op! so ONE WEEK LEFT. hopefully. fingers crossed. I have an appointment with him tomorrow and i will update on that! it is still hard to tell myself that i can't chew when i don't have any pain... you guys that got the "ok" to chew early on are VERY lucky, please enjoy your ability to chew. please.

my teeth continue to ache as if i had just gotten my braces on. but could be worse.

swelling is pretty much gone!! whoopee. i went out to lunch with some friends today, one of them said she couldn't notice it anymore, and the other said, hey, your facial features look more normal now! and i consider both compliments. woo:)

these next ones i just though were a good comparison of before/after

before                                                            after

since my teeth actually come together now... i feel like my face is more round and not as long... not sure if this is good or bad, but not complaining, i love my bite too much! overall i feel like i look pretty much the same. but i guess in the old pictures i got really good at sliding my jaw forward! so i wont have to worry about icky profile shots now i suppose.

so... i grind my teeth at night.. and i feel like this is making me wake up with really bad headaches and jaw aches lately... if you read my first post ever, i think i talked about it. so i am going to bring it up with my surgeon tomorrow and see what he says about it... cause all the pressure from it just hurts!

anyway, ill update tomorrow after my appointment with my surgeon, maybe ill have good news!

hope all is well with you guys!


  1. That's weird that you weren't allowed to use a straw because I've been using them from day 1! I just had to figure out where the best place was to put the straw in my mouth to suck from :)

    1. wow, that is really nice!! my surgeon mentioned something about the suction feeling when using a straw might not be possible nor would it help heal the incisions around my sinuses/up around my nose/upper jaw. but i love straws now!! they would've been nice early on to maybe avoid the couple instances where i spilled a cup on myself due to numbness :) haha. and you look so great by the way! i hope your recovery continues to get easier :) hang in there!

    2. They were definitely useful in the early days although I was sucking right onto my stitches so I wondered if I shouldn't but they kept giving me straws in the hospital to I figured it was fine haha. I found McDonalds straws were the best as they can suck up more, I stopped using them though as soon as I could drink from a glass because I was taking so long to drink things! Thanks, you look so good too, your swelling looks gone! I think everyday it gets a little bit easier so it's all going good. :D