Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 25 - Laughing While Sad

Hello to anyone still reading :)

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the people who have made blogs. They helped me SO incredibly much going through my recovery. I'm also really glad I made my own blog... It was a great way to just get out my complaints. Also, looking back at some of my earlier posts, it makes me feel like i have actually come such a long way from when i was in the hospital. and i'm extremely grateful for that.

In other news... as of today it doesn't hurt to smile or laugh anymore!!!!! hello to watching comedy movies again. i am actually so thrilled. i realized as i was talking to my friend and we were laughing that my upper lip didn't hurt anymore when i was laughing. this might be the best moment ever. haha. on top of this, my upper lip is tingly (which is annoying) and i know i've posted about this before. but i can kinda tell when things are touching it now, or at least i can feel the pressure on my lip. whereas before.. i had absolutely no clue if anything was touching my top lip. so yay for progress! (even if it is ever so minor).

i am really happy with my new profile with my overbite and open bite gone! :)

my left nostril is now a ton smaller than my right one (the picture is flip-flopped, so you guys see it opposite)

I feel like in some of the other blogs I have read, others have experienced their nostrils changing.. I have noticed that the cartilage (im guessing) between my nostrils is now bent to the left. joy. i guess i can deal with it. just i havent been able to breathe out of the left side of my nose much at all since surgery... and when i can, it isn't very clear. hopefully i just have a lot of swelling in there still, and it will get better.

in other news... i ate mushy raspberries today! before surgery i lived on eating fruit. my favorite foods by far... so i am now going to explore mushy fruit and see what else i can eat!

Down in the Dumps

I also wanted to talk about how i have felt emotionally during this whole process.... the first few days in the hospital i realized would be that hard, i could handle it and was positive about my recovery still. but, the night i ended up in the emergency room after being discharged from the hospital, and then being readmitted back at my hospital the next day... gosh, i just kept wishing and hoping and praying over and over again that eventually things would get better. spending a total of about 8 days in the hospital was also hard. i mean most people only spend a couple, and then they are fine at home. but my excess swelling, nausea, and the fact that i was barely able to eat, made my stay long... i felt so isolated from the world. i missed my friends immensely. the whole situation just got depressing. then, i finally arrived home.. only to just alternate between my couch and my bed for several days.. i now truly understand the term "loneliness". sure i had lots of time in the hospital with my parents, grandparents, aunt, and my sisters... but once i was home, their lives got to return to semi-normal while i was stuck in bed. it was hard to me to accept that mine couldn't be normal yet... finally i got a visit from some of my closest friends. and that made me realize just how important the presence of other people can be. just wow. so i wholeheartedly stress the importance of being around people after surgery that are close to you. isolation is not fun! in the last week or so though, things just completely flipped. i have seen more of my friends, forced myself to leave the house, and seen a glimpse of normalcy again.

did i ever regret doing the surgery at any point? no. even though things were awful the first 2 weeks. i am still so happy i was able to get this surgery over with. I can't say that i am perfectly pleased with everything yet.. just because i am swollen. plus, the main reason i chose to have surgery was due to my extensive jaw pain and headaches every day. and seeing as i still have pain (although temporary) i can't judge if the surgery has completely fixed that. but im sure it will! i absolutely LOVE having all of my teeth touch. going from just my back molars touching.. to every single tooth, is one of the best feelings ever.

i guess that is everything on my mind tonight... take care you guys :) much love and many thanks.


  1. Thanks Katie for sharing your ups and your downs with all of us. You have helped all of us who are about to endure that swollen world soon get a glimpse of what we can expect along with a worst case scenario. My best friends are already planning a smoothie movie day 9 after surgery, and my other friends are planning to start stopping by around day 6. I said no to them, I didn't want them to see me all swollen, and droolly, but after reading this. I know you are right... You need the support of your friends and family. Push yourself to communicate and not be a hermit to keep your spirits up! I am so glad your feeling is returning, and you once again have a beautiful pain free smile.

    1. aw thank you :) and yes! see your close friends the second you feel up to it. because that helped me so incredibly much. hope your surgery goes smoother than mine has :) keep updating on your recovery once it comes. ill keep you in my thoughts and prayers as it gets closer! -katie