Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 45 - New Kind of Numb

So today for some reason my entire face feels SOOO different. and i don't think i can explain it well, but here goes.

Okay so the numbness i felt after surgery didn't feel exactly like the numbness feeling i would feel after having a shot of novocain for cavities etc. I just couldn't feel my face. but today i woke up and the inside of my left cheek just feels heavy and numb as if i just had a cavity filled. the inside of my right cheek isnt numb in the center but if i move my tongue either up or down to touch the stitches, it feels more numb. Maybe this is just all due to the fact that more of the feeling is coming back, so it just makes the patches that are numb more apparent?? no clue..

I JUST FEEL REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE TODAY. way worse than i have in over a week :(

You know the feeling after you clench your jaw/teeth together really tightly for a long time? i feel like that today, maybe because i know i grind my teeth at night... but i literally am about to go insane with all of this. I am fed up with the constant tingling, aching, and itchiness of my face, jaw, and teeth.

why can't everything just be normal already... i mean it isn't that bad, but i still am not allowed to chew anything and i don't know. i just feel like i need to quit complaining to people about my surgery. i think that my friends assume i should just be back to normal by now, so i quit talking to them about surgery... i just don't think most understand everything you go through with this surgery.

here are pictures. i think the swelling is just here to stay for a long while :( some days i wake up worse than the day before.. and idk. just annoying since it is just barely there. why can't it just all go away!

on an entirely different note.....

so at my appointment with my surgeon 2? weeks ago, he mentioned that he thought that i should have more than 1 rubber band (in a box configuration) on each side. i had seen my orthodontist 2 days prior and he had placed my new bands like that. so my surgeon said he thought it may not be enough and thought i should have one in the front again just to keep my bite and teeth together i guess? so my surgeon said he would call my orthodontist and see if anything needed to change. so 2 weeks passed.... and we didn't hear anything. so yesterday i reminded my mom of this and we called my surgeon. the nurse said we need to just work this out with my orthodontist... so then we called the orthodontist... and they said they didn't have records of my surgeon asking... so then we called the surgeon's office back... and this goes on and on and on. now we are caught in the middle. and i guess we are trying to get an appt with my ortho on monday now... but i have an appt with my surgeon on tuesday and hopefully we can worth all of this out!! i just hope this doesn't affect my bite in the long run.. or how long i have my braces on.

last night i had a dream that i was chewing wheat thins and potato chips. and i knew i wasn't supposed to in my dream, but i did it anyway.... i woke up very scared that it was real! luckily, i havent chewed, even though i desperately want to... and i guess it shows with me dreaming about crunchy foods :P

take care all, things do get better, slowly, but they do! (or at least i keep telling myself this)

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