Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 23

Hmm, at this point in my recovery... nothing new really happens day by day... am I doing completely better? definitely not.... but I don't feel like things are getting better anymore. I just feel stuck at this halfway point of sometimes feeling great and sometimes feeling not so great.

I have noticed through my recovery that my skin has gotten much more oily than it was... has anyone else experienced this? in the last week my skin has started to break out more than usual... before surgery i could get away with never washing my face, but it is just so shiny and icky right now! So i hope it just goes back to normal...

swelling please completely disappear!! I'm sick of having "puffy" cheeks.

yesterday i had stuffing and mashed potatoes and shredded turkey for dinner!! yes, it was mushy, but so incredibly delicious :) So, since i still have almost 5 weeks left of "no chew" diet.... I am in need of new ideas for food.... i am so sick of my "normal" meals....i want to chew!

until tomorrow!

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