Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 51 - nothing?

So... I don't feel like really anything new happened today with my jaw... but I keep telling myself that since i havent skipped a day yet... i should just keep posting since i have the time!

I keep having this stinging sensation in tiny spots on the inside of my mouth either under my top lip or on the area above my back molars. and it happens a LOT. my surgeon said it was the nerves regenerating etc, but goodness this is annoying! it kinda hurts too... so fingers crossed that it lessens in the next couple of weeks.

last night i was babysitting my littlest sister, and i decided that we needed to watch some classic disney movies. so i happily sat all night and watched The Aristocats, Pocahontas, and Mulan. Definitely sang along and happily knew the words to every song. with no shame. i mean, who doesn't love disney movies? so that has been the highlight of my week!

ive also been struggling with bad headaches all throughout recovery... probably from grinding my teeth at night and just my jaw healing and trying to widen how far i can open maybe? im not sure... but i almost constantly have a headache. and i mean sometimes i take motrin... but idk. mostly i am just too stubborn to take medicine in hopes of it going away. we will just hope it gets better eventually!

hope all is well with you guys :)


  1. Hi Katie - hope the headaches go away soon. Is your grinding now better or worse than before surgery? For me (still pre-surgery) seems like my griding is terrible partly BECAUSE my teeth only hit in 1-2 places while I'm asleep (so those spots are sore + cause tension headaches).

    1. hey sorry, just saw this! and i think it is better because like you said, now that all my teeth touch it isn't a TON of pain in one small area... because like you, before surgery my teeth only touched in a couple spots. so now some mornings i just have a dull ache all around with a headache, but it is manageable.

  2. Hey, cool blog :)

    I was watching Disney films with my niece (Princess and the Frog is very good...) and she was obsessed with my braces etc :P Bless her

    Keep blogging!!

    1. aw well thanks:) i actually watched princess and the frog last week! i have had way too much free time on my hands if you can't tell.. haha. and oh! my little cousins were so intrigued by my braces and the idea of my surgery a couple weeks ago. gotta love little kids :) i hope all goes well with your braces and surgery eventually