Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 46 - Pictures Galore (Before/After)

Okay... so today i am forcing myself to put together a bunch of pictures showing before/after and the progress i've made in recovery! even though it is kinda a pain...

today i feel much better than i did yesterday, must have just been a random bad day. i guess we all have those sometimes. my numbness is back to being less bothersome, and my face doesn't ache as much. no need for medicine! yay.

So tonight i got to hang out with the golf girls and our coach, and it was the first time i had seen some of them since surgery. my coach said that someone said that i looked completely different now, which surprised me. maybe just the swelling? she kinda agreed with them and said i still look puffy to her. which is great. i hate when people say "oh you can't notice that you are swollen..." because obviously i am. and i don't want to be stuck like this forever. so no use pretending i look perfectly normal. but anyway, it was weird trying to talk about this whole experience to them in just a few words. they all asked how my jaw was doing, and i just don't have a short explanation for that! this whole recovery has  just been SO much for me. too overwhelming. but i did my best to explain, they were the most perplexed on how i have managed to go this long without chewing. but it isn't the worst thing in the world. i am pretty darn amazing at swallowing and mashing food. haha. really... the only thing i want is some carrots and cucumbers dipped in ranch and some wheat thins or potato chips.

anyway.... here is a mish-mash of photos.

these 3 are of today

here is my attempt at putting some pictures together

Before                                                                                          After (so far)

i am just so thrilled with the fact that all my teeth touch now, i don't even care how my profile or face has changed. as long as the swelling goes away eventually i don't even really care. fingers crossed that my jaw pain will not be an issue like it was before the surgery. anyway, take care all! thanks for reading :) until next time...


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