Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 41 - Singing

this post may or may not even be relatively interesting... but!

good news: i can still sing

bad news: my jaw doesn't open as far as it should... and so singing kinda sucks at this moment. plus switching into my head voice is kinda hard. but oh well. 

i have a full day of "exercising" my jaw tomorrow....! :( at least i have medicine packed. my face kinda aches!



  1. Katie, this is GREAT news! I was a vocal performance major in college and teach vocal lessons full time and this is the one thing that I was so worried about after surgery. My Doctor and I discussed how surgery would effect my tone, and voice and decided that if anything it would be all good things. I would have a more open airway so I will be able to hold notes even longer, as well as sing even more relaxed as eventually the tension in my jaw will be gone. I realize this will take months... I am so glad to hear you were able to sing. Opening your jaw will get easier, right! : ) I woke up in recovery humming I wanted to make sure I could still sing... lol The nurse thought I was crazy.

    1. sorry! my phone won't let me comment on here, so i had to wait until i got back from camp. I never really talked to my surgeon about the surgery affecting my voice actually...! since i knew i would choose to have the surgery done regardless. I hope your voice is just as pretty if not better after you recover! but yes, i definitely was humming all after surgery since i couldnt exactly sing or talk what with being banded shut. Singing for 3 days straight really made the area under my upper lip irritated and it stung with all the movement of my lips. it also made my jaw joints ache a bit, but hopefully that just means my jaw will slowly continue to open wider! i also had some aches/pressure on either sides of my nose a bit. but overall the extensive amount of singing went better than i expected :)

    2. Ya, I was worried because while I knew I needed the surgery not being able to do what I love would be so much more painful! : ) I am hoping that being a singer and opening your mouth to sing will work your jaw so we might recover better than others who don't sing. It's like we are exercising our jaws, just by doing what we love. I was worried it was going to be painful at first. I have to go back to work in 3 weeks (one month post op) teaching 65+ students. I will just have to be careful not to over do it. Do as I say not as I do. haha Well I hope that singing gets easier for you in the days/weeks ahead!