Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 27

Nothing super new today.... hmm. I'm not the happiest person right now, but i really can't discern why. Maybe just a ton of little things getting to me. But oh well, I will continue to shove all of my issues to the back of my mind and ignore them. yay..

my jaw is still a little tender from the concert last night, but it'll go away eventually. i don't think i was used to talking that much! let alone singing or shouting. It really is exhausting moving my mouth so much. definitely a reality check that i am still recovering...

In regards to my progress i have made in getting my mouth to open wider, i feel like i am stuck at 11 tongue depressors. in the last week, i have only been able to add 1 :( it hurts to stretch my jaw out, but i guess slowly but surely i will be able to get to 35 mm at some point.. maybe just in the distant future :P

i just wanted to say that writing this blog has been SOOO nice for me. Life even if nobody read this, i'd be perfectly fine because it has been the perfect way to get out my thoughts and frustration throughout this all. (but i do absolutely love the support from all you guys :) ) i feel like my friends don't want to hear about me complain or discuss my surgery anymore, and i don't want to get repetitive or annoying about it. even though they have been so supportive and i couldnt have asked for anything better:) but so i quit talking about it with them so much... and i guess my family hears me complain about that main things every day. but it is just so nice to type out the small things. just cause if i write it down, i don't have to worry about it in my head anymore! (in theory)

tomorrow's post will hopefully have better information and updates since it is a fairly big milestone of 4 weeks. eep! take care all



  1. Wow, your swelling has gone down in the last few days! You look great Katie! Chin up, the worst of it is over right?? : )

    1. aww, you are absolutely right!! i just wish things would be completely better i suppose. I'm just getting annoying with being "partially" swollen and "partially" numb and only able to eat some foods, if that makes sense. but thank you so much :):) best of luck with your surgery! your results will be amazing, keep updating :)