Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 33

I am starting to run low on things to talk about... maybe this is a good thing?? I am back on a "normal" schedule by now. so yay for that i suppose. let's see.... new updates? not sure. well my nose is EXTREMELY itchy. all the time. my biggest fear right  now is that my numbness won't all disappear :( i am scared that ill be stuck with a numb face forever. but i will keep positive. at least some things are tingly now.

oh! today when i was carefully applying sunscreen to my face like i do every time i venture outside (yay for being pale?) i felt the gap in my lower jaw where the bone was pulled forward for the first time! i was too terrified earlier in recovery to even touch that area for fear of increasing the pain... but wow. that was weird. just to feel that huge indent in my bone. very scary! but crazy how eventually thatll be healed completely.

the swelling looks pretty good now! i mean am i puffy still? absolutely.... but at least a stranger probably wouldn't be able to tell i just had jaw surgery. so yay for that!

 maybe ill put together some before/after pictures when im not too busy being lazy! sorry i feel like im slacking on everything... just kinda don't know what to write :P


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