Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Surgery/Day 0/Day 1

so i had a post written up earlier but i think it go deleted! :( surgery went well. had a rough last 24 hours though. arrived bright and early at the hospital, but then my surgery got delayed 2 hours :(
my doctor did a 3 piece on top and impacted it up and moved my bottom jaw forward. morphine made me nauseous and i threw up at least 6 times. so i switched to demerol for pain which is helping. i slept kinda in 2 hours shifts. with medicine in between. not gonna lie, yesterday was really rough. i could barely breathe. which was scary. i havent had much to "eat". just some sprite. apple juice. and broth. it realllly hurts to swallow. ill post more tonight after i take a nap updating you on my afternoon. thanks to all:)

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