Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 1 continued

so today i finally had some fluids. i am
extremely swollen and discovered that is it really hard to swallow anything. i do like the syringe though, a very helpful thing. my family was very nice to keep me company in the hospital all day seeing as i can only mumble. i have some feeling back in my lower lip. but everything else is super numb. i attempted the liquid medicine earlier. but that didnt go well and so they let me go back to the iv demerol. the last 2 days have been so hard :( i just want it to be over. hmm, i was able to drink grape and apple juice,
sprite, water, and tomato soup today. my nausea is finally subsiding. yay. i have felt more pain than i though i would have thought. not fun :( my moon isnt crazy good as of now. it was better this morning. now i just feel puffy and awful. well, im going to go try to sleep for a couple hours since i can actually partially breathe right now. much love.


  1. Awwww Katie!

    Sorry your having such a hard time of it.
    I hope you feel better after your nap and you continue to not feel nauseous.

    Thinking of you! x

  2. aw thank you!! the nausea is mostly gone and i have even been able to keep down my nasty liquid medicine which is a plus! that medicine lasts much longer than the iv medication and helps still. xx