Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 12

guess who slept for 9 hours straight last night!! i mean i couldnt fall asleep until 2am... but i slept all the way until 11. without waking up once. yay. so i have felt more well rested today finally. hopefully i can just fall asleep at an earlier time tonight! i did fall over sideway when i was sleeping though... so that hasnt helped with the swelling. my swelling isn't changing significantly anymore. maybe tonight ill try to arrange my pillows differently. even if i do love sleeping curled up in a ball literally on my face. haha. sleeping on my back and propped up is very annoying. but oh well!

after i woke up i was in quite a bit of pain though since i didnt have any pain medicine for 9 hours.. but it was worth it. then i went on a small walk outside. the wind feels so weird on my numb face! i can't get over it. speaking of numbness, some of the feeling in my cheeks is coming back i think. at this point it is hard to tell what has feeling and what has tingling and what is still completely numb! the numbest part is from under my eyes and the areas to the left and right of my nose and then my upper lip. the outer edges of my cheeks are starting to come back and so is my chin and my lower lip has a ton of feeling. it just tingles. so id say im still overall EXTREMELY numb. which is fine. id rather be numb than in pain.

i keep forgetting what i talk about in all my other posts... uhhh. oh! i managed to eat eggs this morning for breakfast! they were completely delicious. as far as food goes... i kinda have to choke it down. and my the roof of my mouth and throat kinda hurts. i don't think this is a good thing.. but i don't know what else to do. i don't think i can handle any more soups or potatoes. i weighed myself today and have lost 7 pounds since i was weighed right before surgery. that is kinda a lot if i think about it! i didn't really need to lose any weight... so i hope it doesnt go down too much more. i guess on a liquid diet you are just doomed to lose several pounds. it was inevitable.

i feel like a terrible person as i havent been wearing my bands as much as i should. i promise i will as the days go on! it just makes the pain go up significantly :( i have noticed that the swelling actually looks better in my pictures than what i think it looks like in the mirror! in actuality i feel like i am actually more puffy than these pictures portray. but you never know i guess! oh random thing. vaseline is my favorite. lips get so chapped after this.. so i recommend having something to put on them so they don't get all cracked. it is painful when that happens. gah.

my bruising is almost gone, and you can see my lip isnt as purple as it used to be! i have a bruise under my chin still, but it isn't too bad at all. i think overall i got lucky with the bruising on my face... well besides my lip being purple and black for over a week. but yeah.

biggest hurdle now will be those darn bands :( maybe ill just have to eat more so that i have an excuse not to wear them!

take care all. more thoughts later. off to read my books!


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