Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 5 - back to the hospital...

okay so the last day has been so scary and not fun. friday afternoon i was released to go home, and was doing alright, but as the night continued, my nausea increased to the point where i couldn't take my pain medication so i was miserable. i went to the emergency room at the children's hospital around 12:30 am finally with the advice of my surgeon. they gave me additional nausea medication and then a painful shot of morphine to try to get my pain back to a more tolerable level. I was stable enough to return home around 4 am. and then slept in 3 hour shifts waking up to choke down some more awful pain medication. my mom was able to talk to my surgeon again my morning and he suggested we come back to the hospital to see him. (an hour away). so in the car we went, prepared to check back in to the hospital.

we arrived at the hospital late morning and i was wheeled to a new room in the same general area as my last. i got to see a couple of the nurses that had cared for me earlier in the week which almost brought me to tears just because i am so grateful for how nice they've been. simply wonderful. they had to start up a new iv (yuck!) and take blood for a 3rd time this week. always fun. then i got some morphine and nausea medicine and then slept. then my surgeon dropped by and i was forced to try to be alert (not easy with medication!). he said my blood looked completely normal and that i looked good. he said that he feels bad that i am so swollen partially he said because i am so fair and have light, red hair! i have found it interesting how all the nurses say i have it worse off for that reason. hmm. but okay so THEN comes the surprising part. my surgeon simply asks me if i'd like to have my bands off! he normally reconfigures bands at 1 week, but we are completely banded shut until that point. but he said unbanding me would help lessen the pain from the stress and tension in my joints that was also making my ears hurt. he also said that this would help get more calories in me, which i wholeheartedly agreed with. haha. next thing i know, he is digging around in my mouth and my bands are out! he asks me to open my mouth, and of course i barely can open it, but it is enough to get liquids through, and i can even peek my tongue out! brushing my teeth felt glorious after that awful fuzzy, wet feeling. then i passed out for 3 hours which was much needed. by the time i woke up my grandparents and sisters were here to say goodnight. then the best part of the week came. for dinner... i had MASHED POTATOES. it was incredibly delicious and amazing to be able to shove the potatoes heavily diluted with gravy into the front of my mouth with a spoon. i became much happier. much much happier. tomorrow ill post a string of photos from the hospital! i don't have them on my computer, so ill do a quick post from my phone. right now i am just going to head to sleep and relax! i am hoping that i am past the worst of things. cause friday-saturday was really awful and scary. not gonna lie. here is to a better recovery starting tomorrow! much love to all.

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