Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 15

Well not much happened today. i still can't sleep. i am wearing my bands. they hurt. i am still trying to get off of my pain medication and just switch to tylenol and motrin. nothing new has happened. ill post more tomorrow....... just not in the mood. not a bad day though!


  1. You are looking great! Looks like the swelling has come down a lot in the last week! : ) Hope your pain goes away soon, and can get some sleep!

    1. i finally caved and slept flat last night. it was worth the sleep, but my swelling increased.. so im torn between which is worse. but thank you so much :) ill keep looking at your journey! i noticed you are a vocal teacher. i am in choir and show choir and absolutely love to sing as well. the last couple days i can finally open my mouth more to begin to "sing along" to the radio again! which i had missed immensely. i had postponed my surgery which was originally supposed to be last christmas because i didnt want to have to miss my show choir competitions all through january.