Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 7 - ONE WEEK

WOW. one week ago today i was just getting out of surgery... it seems so long and short at the same time. i am so happy and blessed that i made it this far. i most likely get to leave the hospital tomorrow... so hopefully i am ready by then! crazy that ive spent so much time in the hospital.. i know most dont stay this long. my surgeon stopped in today and said that i looked good! i havent had any bands on since saturday, but tomorrow my surgeon will put new ones on (but ill be allowed to take them off to eat). GUESS WHAT. for breakfast today i ordered a pancake. then put it in a cup and doused it with syrup and microwaved it. then i just mushed it up reallly good and ate it with my tongue! so extremely delicious. potatoes are still my favorite. but that was one good breakfast. haha. hmm. so last night i slept from 2-6 and 6:45-11ish. ill take it! my stomach started hurting last night around midnight, so i had difficulties falling asleep. still completely numb except for my bottom lip! which has a lot of feeling. things are starting to tingle though! such a weird uncomfortable feeling. hmm, for pain i am taking children's liquid motrin every 6 hours.... but it doesnt do much... at all.... i am still taking morphine as needed but i need to figure out the best medicine for when i go home! because the hydrocodone etc makes me kinda nauseous. so today well will mess with different medicines in hope that something works! i am still getting morphine to keep me comfy cause the pain isnt fun :( my teeth do tough though! it is so weird to bite down and feel that contact! last night i noticed one of my surgical hooks on my top left side kinda fell partially out and was stabbing my check. ow! my surgeon just tucked it behind my braces at least, woo.

     this was driving to the hospital the morning of surgery! just found it.

yesterday i woke up with a little bruising on my face.. so weird! hopefully it goes away.

i can kinda smile! my random purple lip bruise is persistent!....... still :( but i think the swelling is continuing to go down. so yup!
hmm, i don't know what else to say, just goodluck to any of you on this journey! it is really tough :( but things are starting to look up. eating makes me happier. i just wish i could sleep more. doesnt feel refreshing yet. i am also sick of sleeping propped up on my back!! im a person that sleeps curled up in a ball on my face. haha. thanks for reading:) more to come.
- Katie:)

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