Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 4 - Home!

SOOO... i made it HOME! i didn't know it would feel this good. but it does. wow. yay. so let's see, last night i slept pretty well, just continuing sleeping for 4 hours cause that is how often i get my pain medication. I saw my surgeon this morning and he said that i looked really good! i randomly have a bruise on half of my bottom lip as of today sadly. now half of it is purple. just lovely. so then we were able to leave the hospital around 2 pm today and all of a sudden the weather is HOT and humid out here. ew! the ride home was an entire hour and was completely awful. :( not gonna lie. i am so congested and my mouth just feels like i am constantly drowning it in spit. (gross, but true). i just want to dry out my mouth and be able to swallow all the spit and mucus! also, my ears feel extremely plugged which made me really dizzy on the ride home. i will be avoiding cars from now on :( that was a terrible experience. nausea and dizziness returned for an entire hour :( you could say i am kinda settled by now. but i still don't feel all too great. i get medicine in 15 minutes and hopefully thatll make everything better! it tastes soo nasty but is worth getting rid of the terrible pain. Im sorry if this makes no coherent sense. im literally just typing down the first thing that pops into my head. which doesn't seem too happy. im sorry! ill write more as i become more positive i guess... sigh. bye all!


  1. Well done for making it to the other side! The days do get harder but you'll get through it! Just relax, sleep when you can and keep ontop of your pain medication. I found day 5 my energy really really dropped moreso than before and I felt like I was a walking zombie, but drink an ensure drink everyday and your energy will soon start to perk up! :)

    For bruising - Arnica for me was a godsend. I used it and it brought all of my bruising out at once, but then after a few days it was all faded and gone, definately worth the buy! :)

    Keep going, the worst part is over! :) xx

    1. thanks! food has been hard since i am lactose intolerant. and yeah, it is weird how bruised my bottom lip is! the rest of my face doesnt show any signs of bruising. just very puffy still. i am really low on energy so far, but it is so hard to sleep through the discomfort! hope all is going well with you, thanks again:)