Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 3

i think i would say that today has been harder than yesterday was. i woke up just feeling groggy. but! i did get a lot of sleep last night. i slept for 3 four-hour blocks! woo. but, i woke up needing medicine very badly. the time in between my medication just waiting for the next dose has not been fun.... i felt a little more dizzy and foggy today! i don't know how to describe it. i just feel really out of it today, so i apologize though if none of this makes sense! my thoughts are not together. hmm, so i have been half watching house hunters on my hospital tv today alll day. this is the first time i could actually focus on a tv show though. progress! that is when you know you are drugged.. when you can't even watch tv.... haha. so hmm. today i feel like swelling is very similar to last time i posted a picture! although my lips are reallllly raw. so it is painful to move my lips, and food with salt in it burns. i still love tomato soup. let me just say that it is NOT fun being lactose intolerant through this process! hmmm, i am still completely numb except for my bottom lip. oh! i can actually breathe through my nose today. it has been glorious:)
overall though, today has been bad. i just feel super weak and helpless and swollen. i think i get to go home tomorrow. but i just don't even care. i don't mind it here since i get a lot of help here. hopefully i am able to have a decent night! wish me luck with continuing eating. that is NOT fun. why can't i just have normal food? :( anyway, take care all!


  1. do have any idea why you had trouble breathing? I am about to have this surgery on the 4th of October and I have not been told about anyone having trouble breathing...

    1. I was wondering the same thing. She said something about taking a Sudafed so I'm assuming nasal congestion. Maybe from irritation of nasal passages during the surgery? Just my guess. My daughter is having this surgery in July 2017.

    2. I just came out of this surgery (day 9) and the difficulty breathing is because the sinuses get disturbed by moving the jaws and can fill with blood. This too passes. I am down to decongestants twice a day (and my sinuses are always a bit grumpy).

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