Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 17 - Baby Steps

soo.... i still can't sleep well. i have been falling asleep between 2-4 am all week :( and once im finally asleep i dont even feel like i sleep soundly. i keep stirring, trying to get comfy, all night. woo. fun stuff. but oh well. it will get better at some point! with my pain medicine i still am just taking it at night. i think i can survive the day with just tylenol and motrin. today feels even better than yesterday.

i think i forgot to mention in my post yesterday that i went to the grocery store yesterday. it was actually very depressing since i was walking by all of these foods that i am NOT allowed to eat! today i ventured into public again. well kinda. i had a robotics meeting at school and so i got to see some friends which was fun :) and i had enough energy and not a ton of pain! i felt normal again. PLUS, i drove my car there since im not on my pain medicine during the day. that was the first time i had driven since surgery. one more step back to normalcy. woo.

the shadows might contribute to hiding my swelling... but it looks like it is slowly going away!

my smile still feels so stiff and awkward!

hmm, in regards to swelling i think today is the best day so far. i feel the most swollen on both sides of my nose, so i guess my cheeks? on the front/center area as well as my upper lip and the area above it. my face isnt as "round" as it used to be luckily. the swelling has really improved around my chin and neck and the lower part of my face. i discovered that i feel like the people on the grinch from whoville! you know, the ones that have the huge puffiness above their upper lip? yeah. that area is super numb and quite swollen on me! so i feel like a person from whoville. lucky me. haha

this was the best picture i could find...  the grinch's upper lip area is all puffy!

note the puffy area above my upper lip, haha
Until tomorrow!

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