Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 14 - TWO WEEKS.

Hey guys! i made it to 2 weeks! that must be some sort of accomplishment. Today has been decent. One of my friends came and visited me this afternoon and so today was fun. I am going to try to organize my post today! woah. that is a first. maybe this will be helpful. otherwise you might just get a long post of me complaining. in which case, i apologize ahead of time. haha.

So.... sleeping has not been my friend lately. I'm still supposed to be sleeping propped up.. but that is so darn hard! i used to sleep on my side curled up in a ball on my face. and so sleeping on my back just is NOT fun. i am alright once i get to sleep. but it is hard getting comfy. i know i shouldn't be complaining. but it is affecting how much sleep i get. last night i got fed up with being propped up and slept laying down. maybe im more puffy because of it.. no clue. ill continue trying, but i dont know how long i can handle it! so i am on a REALLY bad schedule of staying up late and sleeping in late.... fingers crossed for tonight.

Well, i can feel my bottom lip! as you know. hmm my top lip is still completely numb. my nose is still completely numb. the bottom part of my chin is completely numb. my cheeks have feeling on the outside edges. but around my nose is completely numb. that is the part of my face that has been bothering me the most! on either side of my nose. i am also completely numb under my eyes. let me just say that putting makeup on is a weird sensation. so is having water on my face when i shower. and feeling the wind blow on my face. just so much numbness! but im not complaining. as long as it masks some pain. i may be more annoyed over it in a week.

I WANT A HAMBURGER. But i guess i have found enough food. I don't know if i mentioned that i have lost 7 pounds. which is a lot for me already being pretty tiny... i guess not the worst thing in the world though. but hmm. i have gotten pretty good at choking down food. ill list some of the foods i have discovered that i can eat. hence i eat quite a bit of them since my options are limited! my surgeon said i can eat anything as long as i dont chew. so here is what my "no-chew" diet consists of.

  • baked beans
  • scrambled eggs
  • spaghetti - it takes forever to cut up the noodles super tiny!
  • chicken and stars (chicken noodle soup with tiny noodles)
  • apple sauce
  • black beans and refried beans
  • smoothies
  • rice (as long as it is cooked well enough to mash with a fork)
  • mashed potatoes and gravy

I am still taking my pain medication.. not as often.. but i am still on it.. i can't wait for the day that i wake up and don't have pain. my face hurts. simple as that. it kinda hurts the most on either side of my nose and under my top lip. i also just have a constant headache. and the bands just make all my teeth hurt. but it is manageable with medicine. just not fun waking up in the morning with no medicine in me!

here is my band configuration! i don't know if i posted that yet...

I wrote this WAY earlier i just forgot to post it! im sorry! night :)

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