Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 16

sooo i kinda cheated with my day 15 post... and posted it on day 16..... but i wrote it about day 15! just got too lazy the day before. but ill write a post now!

so with this whole sleeping thing.... gah. i am still supposed to sleep propped up for another week. stupid swelling. but it is SO hard for me... so last night i just gave up and slept normally. i woke up more swollen today. so i will continue to try to sleep propped up! but the extra sleep last night was so worth it. i was a happier person today. haha

today i also tried not to take my pain medication as i only have so many pills left... instead i just alternated tylenol and motrin. so today was kinda hard :( the pain was more than usual. i will continue taking my pain medication to help sleep though.

i am officially wearing my bands! even if i don't want to. they aren't as bad as they were the last couple of days. and i am even getting better at putting them on. my orthodontist was so nice to let me borrow a hemostat to help put my bands on!

my hemostat. it is great! haha...

energy-wise i feel like im getting back to normal. which is good! even though i feel tired, i don't feel weak. yay.

food! i ate hash-browns and CAKE today. they were delicious! ive learned i can eat almost anything as long as i can mash it with a fork (still not much, but hey, ill take it). that being said... i just want to be able to chew :( i want a hamburger. and chips. and wheat thins. and an apple. :( but oh well i mustn't think about it...

awkward smile...

still puffy.
take care all!


  1. Glad to see your progress! I know it may just be the photo lighting but seems like your swelling has come down some. Keep up the good work!

    1. aw well thank you so much! i just want it to entirely go away at this point. i feel like a chipmunk still! but me feeling so puffy might also be due to my numbness... my face feels so weird!