Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 13 - Public Outing

Hey everyone! sorry this is coming late. i actually had a filled day today..!! i slept horribly last night. just couldn't get to sleep :( but oh well. hopefully tonight will just be better. so today was kinda a big milestone! i went "out in public". haha. some of my friends were in a musical, so i went to go see it with another friend! i felt so awkward in public due to my puffiness and inability to make "normal" facial expressions. but i survived! it was great to have a distraction from everything. plus, i don't think i could have been able to stand another day in my comfy clothes at home. then i spent the evening hanging out with one of my friends. it is SO incredibly great to do more normal things again.

so the swelling seems to be at a standstill at this point... there arent any major changes it seems. im just ready to have it GO AWAY. please face, stop being puffy! i feel like a chipmunk. it was hard to hold my head high when i was out in public today. i mean i don't think anyone really cared or made notice. but i mean i saw friends from my school that probably didnt know that i had surgery, and then to see me just looking a little different and puffy... idk. it just isn't my favorite feeling.

IT HURTS TO LAUGH. i am waiting for the day that i can smile/laugh and not have pain. i dont recommend watching funny movies. i made that mistakes. not fun! haha, but oh well. i will continue to watch them and just deal with it. it is kinda funny how pathetic it is that is hurts to smile! i just get a kick out of it for some reason...

now i guess i should talk about how i have been feeling. without the bands i am actually starting to do really well! my pain isn't bad. but then i put them on, and boom. headache. pain. etc. so i am going to call my surgeon and see how i can balance pain vs bands. i dont know how important they are in my recovery... sigh :(

let's see. the numbness on my face didn't bother me as much today. the tingling and itching has not been as prominent. woo. i can open my mouth about as big as one finger. i am struggling to find foods that sound good. i am SO sick of everything.... gah.

well tomorrow ill make a longer post and try to talk about more relevant things!! take care all.



  1. Hi Katie, I am so glad you are doing better. : ) You look absolutely adorable for only being a little over a week post op! I hope you are feeling better and the rest of your recovery goes smoothly! I am now 3 weeks away from surgery... getting super anxious!

    1. aw thank you so much!! i am now just battling those darn bands! i wish you all the best with your surgery! the waiting was NOT fun. itll be great to get it over with :) keep me updated!

  2. Good for you for going out today! That was a huge step in recovery for me :) You still look cute and will look even cuter when the rest of that swelling goes down! Keep your head up!

    1. aw thank you so much :) i just feel puffy and numb! but hopefully it'll only get easier from here. i finally am feeling like things will start getting a ton better!