Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 10 - Looking Up

wow, 10 days is somewhat of an accomplishment! yay for making it to this point. surgery feels like it was yesterday... but luckily today has been pretty good. i actually slept fairly well last night! i havent slept longer than 5-6 hours straight... due to my need for pain medication and such, but i got a total of probably 8-9 hours last night. so i woke up and had a really good morning and afternoon! my friends even came and visited my for a bit which was amazing, i hadn't seen them since before surgery! we giggled about my inability to smile or laugh well along with my puffiness. but it was great to catch up. i even put mascara on today! haha, i guess that says something. maybe.

i am experiencing stomach pain since i still haven't gone to the bathroom since before surgery... i am on stool softeners and miralax and other things trying to make me go.. until then ill be miserable... nobody warns of this side of the recovery! this is awful and my biggest complaint today. sigh. sorry i know you don't want to read about this. it is quite gross. moving on!

the swelling continues to go down and my bruising is beginning to fade as well. i am pretty sure i can feel some of my chin now and random parts of my cheeks. it is just all tingly and weird feeling! i don't know how to describe it... i am getting fed up with the random itches though! my face or nose just gets itchy, but i can't feel anything when i scratch it since it is numb! such an odd sensation... and annoying. well hmm, i am still on my heavy pain medication and it has been helping a ton. i do feel lots of pain when im not on it though. boo. so im continuing taking that every 4-5 hours... the swelling and bruising around my chin and neck kinda makes me feel claustrophobic and like it is choking me today. i just want it all to go away! let's see. ill talk about food again! i don't know if i had mentioned previously that i am lactose intolerant.... so i can't have dairy products. that has made this liquid diet even harder! but oh well. i have found substitutes. just you guys enjoy your ice cream since i can't! but hmm, today i mashed up more noodles in spaghetti sauce which was pretty great. i also enjoy smoothies, soup, baked beans, ginger ale, apple sauce, potatoes, jello, pancakes. oh! maybe ill try scrambled eggs tomorrow! here are a couple pictures before i forget.

yay for awkward and painful smiles!

puffy. cheeks. are. just. so. attractive. :P

bruising continues to go down
let's see... what else... oh. i have begun to notice the stitches in my mouth? a couple have fallen out i guess. it feels really uncomfortable! i don't want to know or feel where the incisions were etc. idk. also, my surgeon got called in for trauma surgery today and so they had to move my appt to tomorrow morning. so ill just let you all know what he says then! hopefully the visit goes well. fingers crossed.

eating hasnt been too hard once i have food in front of me! i do eat in front of a mirror though. haha, i feel like a baby just starting to eat solids. i am kinda a messy eater and yeah.. im sure you can imagine.. okay well i think i just ran out of things to say... but no worries! my rambling will be back. take care all. thoughts and prayers out to those going through this process as well.


  1. Wow, congrats on the full night of sleep. If you can get 8-9 hours/night consistently, I'm sure you can recover much faster than on 5-6. I'm really glad about that for you.

    1. well last night i wasn't so fortunate. but you are so right about the whole sleep thing. it really helps. i only got about 4 last night... so fingers crossed for the next couple nights!