Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 8 - home! (yes again...)

GUYS. i made it home!!!
and this time it feels like i'll get to stay :) things are looking up. i just want to go on again about how much i loved some of my nurses. they do wonders for patients. i felt so grateful to have such a great team working with me.. :) love and thanks to anyone that got me through this week.

i found a pain medication that works. and im enjoying no bands on my teeth even. potatoes, soups, pancakes, and smoothies are my favorites:) i take my pain medicine every 4 hours, but last night nobody woke me up to take it at 2 am, so i woke up at 4 am in TONS of pain. note to self: don't miss a dose of medicine yet. ouch! so last night was just not a great night of sleep... i did make up for it today though with 2 two-hour naps! i am learning to love sleep. anyone else drool massively after surgery? (i know gross sorry!) i just am having a lot of it and wanted to make sure im not the only one?

anyways... hmm. well i go back to see my surgeon on thursday! im guessing he may mess with bands then? im not sure why i have been completely free of them since saturday, but im not complaining! hmm in regards to numbness my top lip is tingling and kinda vibrating.. not super comfortable! but maybe this just means ill get feeling back there soon? my face is starting to feel really weird since it is numb! the only thing i can feel is my bottom lip, otherwise im still numb all the way through my eyes. the roof of my mouth being numb is fairly bothersome as of today. but oh well. hmm, i think today i am finally feeling well enough to want to read a book! this is big! so i have had a great day:) i am just loving being at home again... my favorite part of the day continues to be when i shower! i love the water just clearing up my face and it makes me feel less stuffy and just a happier person. i also recommend sleeping!! i feel so much better after i wake up.. it is just hard to fall asleep propped up! hmm... well... after over a week in the hospital i realized that i am kinda lonely. i really miss my friends!! the few that have been able to tolerate talking to me all week are quite amazing. it must not be fun to talk to someone all drugged up and upset!

recovery has been hard. i think i knew it would be this hard to an extent... but i didn't think it would be this hard for so long. if that makes sense! i just ask anyone to hang in there. today is the first day i see that there is an end to it all. even if it is still very distant.... i don't know how i feel about the results of my surgery, but as long as it takes away my jaw pain ill be happy! it is SOO weird biting down and having all my teeth touch! i feel normal! love it!

the swelling has become annoying. why do i have to be a puffy mess still?? why can't i just look normal again? why?? ahhhhh. oh well! i can finally smile, but it does hurt to laugh and smile!! i can also make some weird faces. i feel like a mixture between a monkey and a chipmunk. OH. i forgot. have i gone on already how much i LOVE being able to swallow pills again?!?!? liquid medicine is NASTY. so happy i get pills now:) life. is. good.

last night in the hospital after a dose of morphine... i realized i can still cross my eyes i guess! also i can stick my tongue out!

car trip home from the hospital today! i tried to smile, even though it is painful. you can see the bruising is yellowed on my face. that has been there for hmm, 2-3 days?

ill post more sometime! i have lots of free time where i am sitting alone in my house....! take care all

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