Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 2 continued

so overall today was more positive than the last 2! the worst part was that i have been struggling to breathe :( i now have a system down of taking my liquid medicine for pain and so i am under control in that area. yay. it has been hard to focus on much though due to the ton of medicine. my nausea is gone too! i have really enjoyed having my family in the room to talk since i barely can! it made my day pas by much quicker. they can be fairly entertaining. haha. i believe i am taking liquid hydrocodone and had one dose of morphine through my iv and i didn't even throw up that time. yay! to help with my congestion, i tried taking sudafed, but that barely helped. so the whole "not breathing" thing is my biggest complaint today. today was also the first day ive been hungry. around lunch i decided that i really wanted a hamburger. oh the sadness. my favorite food today though has been tomato soup! sooo yummy! i am actually full for once. i have been brushing the outside of my teeth successfully and have been using some sort of prescription "mouthwash" not sure exactly what it is, but it feels good to attempt to clean out my mouth! my biggest complaint about food has been how the more rich things seem to coat my throat and make it harder to breathe. but the yummy tomato soup was so worth the difficulty breathing. hmmm what else! oh. my lower lip has a lot of feeling back, but otherwise i am numb all the way to below my eyes. i havent taken a single nap today... oops. just never felt tired enough to pass out. so maybe ill be able to sleep well tonight. idk. my surgeon came and checked on me today and said that everything looked great! i can't really tell anything, but i wont judge til the swelling goes down. i just cant believe how swollen my face feels! it is crazy... i think i forgot to mention earlier how my surgeon couldn't take out my wisdom tooth or it would have fractured my jaw:( so ill have to deal with that later in life? not sure since it hasnt brought me pain yet. more updates on that to come at a later date. hmm, oh! so back to when my surgeon visited. he also said that i could maybe go home tomorrow, but im not sure whatll happen! either tomorrow or friday. and im good with either. all of the nurses here are sooo nice to me. i feel so extremely grateful :) anyway! im gonna go! ill update more tomorrow. i apologize if this post doesnt make much sense due to my lack of uh focus! idk! just blaming everything on the medicine. take care all. bye!

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