Monday, June 3, 2013

1 more week. wow. (and pictures!)

Hello!! Well, here we are. One week from today I'll be in surgery. Kinda scary. Well, my pre-op appt went super well! I mean, as well as it could have. Lots of molds, measurements, and pictures were taken (ew). My surgery is officially Monday June 10. I am supposed to arrive at 5:30 to check-in for a 7:30 am surgery. I will be tightly banded shut for the first week, and then a different configuration of bands will be used that i can take out to eat. I am on clear liquids the first week, and after that I am on a strict "no-chewing" diet for 8 weeks. So this week I am enjoying LOTS of food, I hope I don't end up losing too much weight! So with regards to the actual procedure, I will for sure be having both jaws done. My lower jaw will be moved forward due to my overbite while my upper jaw will be moved up, forward, and tilted as i have a slight open bite too. I don't have exact measurements from my surgeon as he is still finishing the models. Also, (I think in April) I had my x-rays taken at my orthodontist to be sent to my surgeon, and in the last while 1 wisdom tooth has grown. I was SO happy a year ago when they said I wasn't likely to have any wisdom teeth since they hadn't grown at all yet, but here we are (at least i only have 1!). My surgeon said he would try to take it out during surgery, but only if it doesn't cause problems, so he couldn't promise anything. I am hoping to get it out so I only have to deal with one surgery!! But hmm, I'm trying to think what else I need to write down right now. I mean, if anyone is reading this and has any advice, I would really appreciate it :) I just want to get this surgery over with as it has been almost 3 years of waiting! I feel like this week is going to go by reallly slowly as I just want it to end already. but oh! i finally can put up some pictures! (kinda a lot since I have been slacking on them in other posts). Thanks to any of you reading. I really appreciate it!
most recent picture:)

ignore the weird face, but this was taken a couple days before I got my braces (summer 2011)
this was june 15 2011, taken right after i got home from getting my braces on

one year after braces
last november (2012), after I was cleared for surgery
(this is my relaxed jaw, lips don't close)

forced lips and teeth to completely close
cheesy smile
kinda shows my overbite
this was from a couple of weeks ago (may 2013)


  1. Hi Katie! I just found your blog. I have been finding peoples blogs that are having double jaw surgery as I am scheduled to have it July 16th! I totally understand what you are feeling! I am getting nervous! I just started a blog. I just followed your blog so I can see how you are recovering! I hope it all goes well! : )

    1. Aw thank you!! I will definitely keep checking in with your journey too. Other blogs have been what has kept me going through the process! Crazy that mine is coming up so quickly.... ahh. I'll continue trying to update everything:) and I wish you all the best!

  2. I'm having all four of my wisdom teeth out during my surgery next month, I've not read many other blogs where people get them out during surgery so i'm glad you are too! Good luck with the op! :)

    1. aw well thanks! good luck with your surgery! I really hope that my surgeon is able to take out my 1 wisdom tooth.. less to deal with later. just wanting to get everything over with :)

  3. You're going to have such cute results!

    1. aw well thanks! I have been reading your blog, and want to thank you so much for making it :) Your results look amazing! I am wishing you all the best as you continue recovering. Thanks so much though, Im starting to get very nervous for surgery..