Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 2

I survived the second night. woo. kinda was able to sleep in 2 hour shifts. and of course i was sleeping super super well this morning and then the nurses came to check vitals and bring food. overall a lot of the pain has gone down today. just feel SUPER puffy and swollen. today's goals are to drink and walk more. i showered last night which felt absolutely amazing! the nurses have been so helpful and nice. i am just about to go on a walk but ill update later today. i am determined to have a better day today since the last 2 were awful :( until later!


  1. Well done on making it this far, you look great! People pay a lot of money to get such a plump pout! Can you talk much yet?

    1. haha well i suppose!! just in the last several hours have i been able to have anyone understand me. my mini white board has gotten me through most of my communicating!! i can only mumble so barely anyone can understand me. it is certainly frustrating! thanks :)