Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 58 - Another Before/After

Well guys... nothing new to report today. just here. NOT chewing. just what i wanted :\

But anyway... I had another college visit today that went well :) need to get my stupid essays done for all of these applications... ahh.... major stressing about to happen. but ill just shove that to the back of my mind and pretend that it doesn't exist. as i do with all of my problems. including the fact that my jaw clicks and im not allowed to chew and i need to have a visit with my surgeon tomorrow instead of in about 3 weeks. but la la la la... im ignoring anything negative tonight. i will be in bed reading a book for fun (instead of my summer book for school..oops) haha.

the before was taken on my drive to the hospital the morning of surgery. thought the angles were similar enough to compare. yay for my new profile:) weird how it changed my nose, not bad, just different.

hey, quick random question/comment. so i feel like my face (all throughout recovery) has always swelled up more from the heat. so today for example, on my college tour, it was fairly warm outside and my face just begins to feel wet (weird numbness sensations) and just feels like a puff-ball. i don't know if it makes a huge difference physically to other people, but it sure feels noticeable and uncomfortable to me. anyone else experience this at all...?

fingers crossed for a good appointment tomorrow, hope all is well with you guys :)


  1. Great! Glad the college visit went well. Hope for a good appointment. And you still have like 3-4 months to finish the essays, right?

    1. i need a main essay by september sadly, the other ones i have more time for though at least! but thanks, just heading off to the appt now..