Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 52 - Running? No Thanks...

Some days my jaw feels better than others... which is to be expected. But lately i just keep feeling like im having a "bad day" over and over and over again. but i still have improvements!

one thing i wanted to complain about today was the my face is still breaking out more than normal!! i used to never have to "wash" my face with anything special and i would rarely break out. but now... i have lots of issues unless i wash it.. and even then, just kinda gross! thank goodness for makeup to cover up the issue spots... just hope it goes back to normal eventually... has anyone else experienced this after surgery?

I was on the golf course today, and I was feeling restless and just lightly ran back to the cart from my ball. and I noticed that my face still feels weird and hurts from all that motion! i have not exercised since before surgery... i have the energy to. but idk... im just avoiding it. jumping and running just makes my jaw hurt! like my cheeks moving up and down just isnt pleasant. so ill just hope it gets better soon? is it this bad for anyone else this far out from surgery...? i just feel like it should be more normal by now!

I REALLY WANT TO BE ABLE TO CHEW... my jaw doesn't really hurt, and i feel like i should be allowed to by now! just gotta wait until monday... which is easier said than done, but itll get here eventually!

can't. wait.

until tomorrow,

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