Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 66 - My Birthday! and some random thoughts.

Happy (real) Birthday to me today i guess :) just had some quick updates about chewing and my jaw (and i REALLY don't want to finish my homework)

So... i got stuck taking PE my senior year, which kinda sucks because id rather be in physics, but that is an entirely different rant. i just wanted to say that a perk of jaw surgery is that it gets you out of playing the "contact sports" or "fun games" in pe class because getting hit in the head with either a basketball or elbow etc, would NOT be very good..... so YAY. i instead get to walk around the track on game days. which is a huge plus. i am NOT coordinated at all and tend to avoid anything with moving objects, which is one reason i found golf. haha. but anyway, this is one good thing that came of surgery!! i get to avoid the stupid parts of pe. yay.

but.... i was running, and it still makes my face feel weird :\ and kinda causes my jaw to ache. maybe itll just get better as the days go on.

i am also struggling to find good snacks/food to eat on the go! it is really hard for me to try to eat any kind of granola bar... but i always used to have a small snack during golf practice or golf tournaments and i just need to go to the store and find some squishy snacks, unless you guys have any good ideas :P

i have also been forced to explain my jaw surgery quite a few times.... i am starting to get pretty good at condensing it :P from telling teachers or other acquaintances who ask about it... idk, kinda weird to talk about it and everything, one thing is for sure though... they definitely all have felt super bad for me for not being able to chew for 8.5 weeks :P

luckily i forget about jaw surgery unless im eating, or thinking about food, or exercising :) i am so glad things are going back to the way they were!

anyway.... just thought id check in, hope all is well with you guys :) positive thoughts,



  1. Happy birthday! Glad things are getting back to normal. My sister is a senior in HS this year as well.