Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 54 - Patience and Positivity

If there is one thing i have learned throughout this recovery.... it is how vital patience is. I am not the most patient person.... as i'm sure you can all tell by my posts and their complaining nature :P I feel like a lot of things in this recovery revolve around waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting... waiting for swelling to go down... waiting for numbness to disappear... waiting to be able to chew... waiting for normalcy. BUT, I wanted to say things probably aren't as bad as how they may have seemed this whole time!! i have just used this blog mostly to complain. because venting about everything just makes it better. but sometimes i feel like i havent always done a good job of including all of the "good" things in my recovery. overall things are great. i promise!

I don't need to take any medicine for pain, my swelling is pretty much gone, all of my stitches fell out, my numbness gets better by the day, and my energy is normal! sometimes i even forget that i had jaw surgery, well.. until i get hungry and realize i can only eat so many things.. so monday will be the next step for things going back completely to normal! CAN'T WAIT. it is one thing to suck on bread until it is mushy enough to swallow vs. chewing it. food tastes so much better when you can chew. i promise. haha.

plus... i am still loving my profile. yay for no overbite!! or open bite for that matter. I'm obsessed with the fact that when i bite down my teeth all touch! not just my very back right molars.

best of luck to all of you guys going through this whole process as well, take care :)


  1. Vent all you want! : ) No chewing for 54 days? I would be complaining daily! : ) Hang in there you are almost there!!

    1. well thanks:) tomorrow is the day! so incredibly happy :)