Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 75 - I don't recommend having a cold soon after jaw surgery....

So in the middle of the night i woke up because i couldn't breathe, brought me back to the days right after surgery when my nose was all clogged with dried blood and such.... not fun! and then this morning i realized that i just have a full on cold. my voice is barely audible due to my croup cough and sore throat and my nose is all stuffy and it kinda hurts my face still to blow it. and worst of all i have SO much pressure in my sinuses. on either side of my nose (where i still have partial numbness) it aches so badly and i just feel like my head might explode. it is like a cold on steroids. gah...... just when i was feeling normal i have to go and get sick...!

and don't even get me started on sneezing.... so i have been trying to sneeze out of my mouth more after surgery, but when you have a croup cough that is not the way to go, but it hurts my nose a lot if i attempt to sneeze normally. and ugh

sorry for this rant....

hope things are better for all of you :)


  1. Hope you feel better soon Katie :) x

  2. aw thank you!!! i ended up having a 102 fever for a couple days... but starting to feel better today :) hope all is well with you!